A Beacon Hill Halloween


With the scariest (midterm) season now behind us, it seems only fitting to commemorate the official scariest night of the year: Halloween - though I make it a point to avoid gore and ghouls at all costs. 

I'm sure you're now very familiar with the Beacon Hill area as it has been beautifully documented in almost all seasons on the blog; there's just nothing more Bostonian than this neighborhood - especially when it's covered in cobwebs and riddled with tiny superheroes, Addams Family members, and the occasional walking Christmas tree. Yep, I am here to tell you that I went Trick-or-Treating as a sophomore in college tonight and tried to pass as a high school senior at best. 

I must admit it was a Halloween for the books. And by books, I mean the ones I will actually read, and not the ones conveniently tucked under my bed, still in their crisp cellophane wrap from the day I bought them at the campus store... Anyway, it was a pretty liberating experience to leave the library and the computer screen to relive childhood shenanigans. With each "trick-or-treat!" and "Happy Halloween!", all six of us giggled and eagerly unwrapped our candy, feeling instantly transported back to our hometown neighborhoods - well, minus the chilled fingers and chattering teeth for me.

Though few parents believed our age twisting, they were kind enough to plop treats in our canvas totes and smile. I think one couple even asked if we were grad students, while most of the others just laughed at our makeshift costumes and told us we were definitely too old to be doing this. I can't blame 'em, I did show up with two cereal boxes taped to my shirt and blurted, "I'm a cereal killer!" when I received confused looks. Contrary to popular belief, I was not, in fact, Captain Crunch. 

Beacon Hill, you've done it again with the top notch decor and warm ambiance despite the creeping cold of winter. 

And while Halloween has come and gone (for the third time this week - peep the Saturday ensemble below), I felt warmed by the familial memories conjured and created this evening, not just from the chili mocha latte I broke down and bought on our way back home. 

Yes, the pun is always intended, especially when I can dress up as a "work of art in the fog(g)."

Xx, Maia