A Sendoff & New Beginnings


Today brings a different sort of Mod Monday. We write to you together, for the last time. Don’t worry -- Mod & Bean isn’t ending, but rather over cups of tea at Crema (just as we began this past February, how sentimental, right?) we came to the realization that it was time to launch our own blogs. Trust us, we’re still on speaking terms -- I mean living together does that for ya, but over the course of our time together, we’ve developed our own voices and visions. We now write to you looking forward to what our new individual journeys will bring.

I, Katherine, with a tinge of sadness will be saying farewell to this wonderful brainchild of Maia and mine. I revel in every moment spent exploring and working with with my still-partner-in-crime Maia. You can now see my own photographic and written work at ivykat.squarespace.com (name be subject to change, so bear with me through the growing pains)!

So what does this mean for all of the content we’ve created thus far together? Don’t fret, the majority of blog posts remain. I, Katherine, have merely removed my photos from posts (and anywhere they remain is marked), and I have transferred all individual posts as well as photographic work to my new site. Do check it out!

I, Maia, will be continuing to develop Mod & Bean and bombard you with Mod Monday posts until I run out of things to say! Look out for the possibility of new ventures with new guests (I like to say I’m at the ~stage of my life~ where I’m constantly inspired, so definitely reach out if you ever want to snag a cup of coffee!). We don’t want this to come as abrupt or surprising, and you can still bet there will be plenty of Katherine & Maia moments in our future.

Look forward to new content brewing under two separate hoods, and please, satiate your curiosity, and follow Katherine on ivykat.squarespace.com as much as you read www.modandbean.com.

Farewell for now, Katherine & Maia