Warm, Wynwood Break

It started snowing last night, here in Cambridge, MA, but that hasn't prevented me from seeking to keep my Mod Mondays colorful and warm. Today, instead of snowy whites and tales of final projects, I'm keeping it colorful by depositing all the residue from the Wynwood scene during my last two trips to Miami. 

With pinks as toasty as these orchids dotting my house, to lights as vibrant all over Wynwood (well, except for that one wall I found before it got repainted, muahaha), it's hard to not long for the city that doesn't participate in a classically cold December. 

But, given that I'm still two final projects and two exams away, I can only dream of Greenstreet breakfasts, Threefold gossip sessions, and more time spent perusing my favorite spots - so dream with me, and enjoy the photo heavy leftovers (is it too late for a Thanksgiving pun?) of my trips home lately:

Xx, Maia