Sayonara to Snow


As I pack up and prepare for "Winter" break (term used loosely as Miami is just slightly less scorching in December), I whisper goodbye to the bone chilling cold for a while. Though, luckily, not all of these past few days have been as frigid as that seven-degree killer, I must say it'll be refreshing to exchange a campus blanketed in powder white for the crisp whites of the Miami skyline. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those tropical born, warm-blooded bodies that "can't hack the cold" - on the contrary, my friends are often telling me to put more layers on before taking on the day (I guess linen clothing in December isn't a thing outside the 305...). Regardless of my inability to fully transition my wardrobe to winter, I really do love a good snowy day; aka, being able to cuddle in a coffee shop and nurse a latte for far too long in order to claim stake in the corner table at an overpriced establishment.

But am I excited to trade in my tall boots for tall glasses of piña coladas by the pool? Layers of sweaters for layers of tiramisu? Cups of Snowy Day (shoutout to David's Tea for last night's cup on the house as I geared up for another night in Lamont) for cups of cafecito? Yes, yes, and oh yes! 

And, not only is this warm weathered bean headed back to her motherland, but she is also going to THE motherland. Yes, folks, you read it here: I'm venturing off to Israel for Birthright in January!  

So even though my posts won't be weather appropriate to my northeast readers, stay tuned for ~summery~ shenanigans in Miami, tales of my travels to Tel Aviv, and new collaborations to come! (Tired of my puns and alliteration yet?) 

Xx, Maia