Mod Meal: Life Alive


Today, we took the T to Central Square for a healthy little excursion. With finals and final projects fast approaching, we both knew the coming weeks were going to be busy, but we still wanted to find time to fit in a Mod Meal. Wanting to stay close to home, we decided to check out local vegan hotspot, Life Alive, for a rejuvenating and fresh pick-me-up (sorry Berg, the steamed veggies aren't cutting it).

Judging from the line pouring out the door, we knew we were at the right place. In fact, as we write this, lounging over smoothies, our meals long finished, the line now spills onto the curb. People in business wear, girls with yoga mats strapped to their backs -- anyone and everyone seems to have united at this little corner of Inman St. and Mass Ave. Like its zen decor, Life Alive is fully committed to fresh and vibrant food. Even our smoothie cups remind us "to make healthy & luscious eating possible in a busy world."

Sitting in our little window nook, we can't help but ponder the nature of the "line effect." Are these grain bowls and smoothies really the best in town? Is anyone else a newbie like us: lured in by colorful Instagram posts and rave yelp reviews? Do they join the queue, longing for a bowl of vegan, carb-filled goodness? Or do they join simply because there is one, hence, there must be a reason it's worth the wait? (Our minds wander to the Bon Me food truck at the Science Center Plaza, if you're familiar with it, you know exactly what we're talking about).

While no North End Italian meal, Life Alive delivers its promise "to awaken and feed people's senses, thoughts, and spirits" (shoutout to our smoothie cups again!). As our server brought us our long awaited bowls, our mouths watered from the aroma of their famed ginger nama sauce. After taking a moment to legitimately sniff each other's food, we snapped these pics and devoured our plates. If only we could capture the aroma and all around good vibes in this cursory review. Alas, these pictures will have to suffice:

Xx, Katherine & Maia