Summer Shenanigans - join us!

Just last August, we embarked on our first year here at Harvard. Today, on a beautiful, sunny, 70 degree day (reading period weather finally gone!), we are saying goodbye to schoolwork and hello to summer! It seems like just yesterday we were sitting in Crema on February 13th whipping up the idea for this blog, and here we are, still at Crema and still avoiding schoolwork (shoutout to our 2pm finals). We write not to say goodbye but to share what to look forward to from the Mod & Bean team come these summer days.

In three months, we'll span the globe, do some research, and maintain a healthy appetite that does not include Berg (sorry, HUDS, we love you but yeah...). We're so excited to grow the blog through our coming adventures, and give you all a sneak peek into our separate lives before we join back together this fall. Seeking more deets? Here you go --

Katherine: At the beginning of the summer, I'm heading to Michigan (the first time I'll be 'home' since moving away from ATL last May!) and lounging about until my birthday (June 5th). Expect lots of recipe posts made with fresh farmers markets finds! Also, prepare yourself to be jealous of the ridiculous amount of fresh Michigan-grown berries I'll be consuming. Come June, I'm staying in my favorite city, New York, for a few days, reuniting with my roommate and blockmate, Veronica. From NYC, I'm flying into London for a week, then to Madrid, then to the Mediterranean, and I'll finally be settling into Spain for 4 weeks of language instruction at the University of Leon and 3 weeks of an internship in Madrid. Afterwards, I'll finish up my summer traveling throughout Europe: think France, Amsterdam, Italy, etc. All of this is to say, expect way too many food and travel posts from me!

Maia: Next week I'll be heading to New York to celebrate my sister's graduation from her Master's program as well as her recent engagement (congrats again!!). This will be a great excuse for more banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery and tons of museum excursions. Then I'll be headed home to the tropical 305 for a healthy overdose of Vitamin D and a thorough stuffing of all my favorite Miami eats. Think botanical gardens, beach, and much needed lounging. Trust me, after 4 weeks you'll know Miami like it's your home too. After playtime comes work, and I'll be back in Beantown to do Montessori research with a team at the MIT Media Lab. Cue living on my own (in non campus housing) and learning how to be a real human bean. Basically, you'll get to know my two hometowns very, very, well. 

Stay Tuned and don't forget to follow us along on Instagram (@modandbean & @katherineharrison & @maialeandra) to satisfy your hankering for live updates. 

Xx, Kat & Maia