America: a Day Over 240


This past Monday wrapped up the 240th anniversary of our independence as a nation. I have celebrated this holiday 18 times in Miami, and, for the 19th time last night, in Boston. While I must say it was unusual to not have to dodge palm trees covering the fireworks, I truly enjoyed my Bostonian 4th (and the long weekend it gifted me)! So here's my moment to sprawl out all the photos I took this weekend and giggle about the adventures amidst the celebration. 

Saturday, the 2nd

Saturday was spent on a trek to Singing Beach in Manchester, MA with a group of friends. And by group of friends I mean Eric, a college friend who was dragged along so I wouldn't be the third wheel for my roommate, Sara, and her visiting boyfriend, Justin. Anyway, the four of us enjoyed the breeziness detracting from the heat of the beach, as there was no way to refresh ourselves in that 60 degree, "bone-chilling" water. Even a little ladybug felt patriotic, and crawled on top of a little American flag I purchased from the square - think some sort of deep symbolism about the luck of a ladybug and her attraction to America. 

Sunday, the 3rd

Sunday was a bit more low-profile, as I had to catch up on projects for work and knew I would be doing absolutely none of that on Monday. At night, however, my third-wheel skills were summoned and Sara, Justin, and I headed to The Lawn on D for some music and those lit up swings (if I'm being completely honest). We made the trip, got the pics, and almost missed the bus home, but it was worth it to be touristy and partake in the festivities happening all around the city. 

Monday, the 4th

Monday sparkled even before fireworks fizzled in the sky. I woke up to the scent of cinnamon pancakes (the best smell aside from bacon, which would've also been wafting had we not consumed the whole package pre-beach trip) and my sweet roommate setting up breakfast for her boyfriend AND me! We decided to satiate our inner Pinterestness and decorate our pancakes in honor of the birthday girl. 

After insisting that I retire my "much desired" third wheels for the day, I walked down to Harvard Square to meet up with another friend, Sarah, for a mellow picnic by the Charles (complete with fruit and Noch's of course). Our picnic was serene and replenishing, definitely providing us with the energy needed to elbow through the large crowds present at the evening events. 

We headed towards the Esplanade to hear the Pops and see the fireworks, but thoroughly underestimated the volume of people with the same idea. Though we were blocked off from actually reaching the Esplanade, we found a cozy little side street near Beacon Hill to hear the music, see the light show, and feel the patriotic vibe. It felt almost surreal to be present at the very place I had seen on TV for many years, and it was definitely the perfect close to my first Bostonian 4th. 

Sara and Justin chose an adorable way to celebrate as well: renting kayaks and floating along the Charles for the spectacular. Here are some of her picturesque views. 

Overall, while the 4th kept me up late on the eve of a day of work, I felt honored to be a part of the way this city celebrates our independence. So, happy 240th America, you're looking ~lit~! 

Xx, Maia