Beaning around to New York Fashion Week


Crazy doesn't begin to describe the whirlwind this past week has been. Between shopping for classes, meeting with advisors, planning concentrations, and catching up with old friends, even planning Mod Meals with one another was proving to be difficult. Just when we thought our schedules couldn't get any busier, Sunday threw us the most unexpected curve ball of them all: the incredible opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week

It was a sunny Sunday like any other. We were walking to callbacks for a play we're styling when a friend (shoutout to Jenny Wang) approached us about tickets to fashion week. Just a matter of hours later, we had booked train tickets to New York City and began planning what will prove to be one of the most spontaneous and exciting trips we've embarked on to date (as well as our first trip as the Mod & Bean team)! Moral of the story? When someone walks up to you in the street and offers you tickets to fashion week, you say yes even if said fashion week is only three days later, and all of your previous weekly plans are thrown out the window. (A very universally applicable moral, we know. You can thank us later.) 

We had already planned on brunching at Tatte Bakery and exploring the ever charming Beacon Hill following callbacks, but now we had all the more reason to celebrate. Charles Street and all of its historic brownstones provided the perfect backdrop for a celebratory dance party.

The Food

Much to my, Katherine's, shock, Maia had yet to give Tatte's brunch menu a go, so this was first and foremost on the agenda. The noms? Matcha latte + regular latte + blueberry cheesecake + mushroom tartine + short rib grilled cheese. All equally photogenic as delicious and filling.

Moment of silence for this cheesy goodness.

Moment of silence for this cheesy goodness.

Following brunch, some brief exploration was in order.

Does it get any more idyllic than Acorn Street?

So, if you're looking for the Bean Team, we'll be noodling around the streets of New York Fashion Week taking endless amounts of photos, and you can bet that said photos will soon find their way on to the blog!

Xx, Katherine & Maia