Home Room: The Oasis


As I gear up for a weeklong visit to the motherland, Israel, (yes I’m finally headed on Birthright!!) and posting this a few days early as I'll be on a plane on Monday, I say goodbye to the serene little sanctuary I’ve sculpted with Sandy here in the MIA. I’m talking about my room at home, since you’ve already peeked into my dorm room at college. Fear not, "Home Room" wasn’t meant to give you high school terror flashbacks, but rather be as literal as possible. Home. Room. Yeah? And as for "The Oasis", you should already be familiar with my tendency to affectionately name my abodes (think The Palace, The Alcove, The Loft...). So, without further intro, here’s a glimpse of my escape from humidity (and little furry-friend cameos).

Inspo came from the sea foam colors of the beach and the desire for a calm, quiet respite from the fast paced city along with top-down drives in my convertible bug (yes, I'm one of those and proud of it). 

Notice the overabundance of pillows (typical), collection of succulents (that don't get watered 11 months out of the year, whoops), and personal pieces of art. 

Here's where guests who aren't fond of snuggling get to stay, featuring the shoes I am reminding myself to bring back to college and Chauncey (one of our two pups).

And here's a picture of my cat for fear of Sandy muttering I'm playing four-legged favorites:

Some trademark features include this chair my dad made for my 18th birthday (a tradition he started for my Bat Mitzvah) and this comically blown up photo of me at age 2:

For finishing touches in theme, my desk is dotted with Buddhas and gemstones (not pictured: my childhood vial of fairy dust).

And it wouldn't really be my room if I didn't sprinkle around photos of the most important things, now would it? Cue my collage of memz and my "favorite food wall."

So cheers to Mod Monday on a Saturday, and for safe travels from the homeland to the Holy Land!

Xx, Maia