Reflection & Refraction


New year, new post, same bean. I welcome you, readers, to 2017! 

This new year has already brought some of the most rejuvenating and joyful days I've had in a while - guess spending family time out on Miami's beautiful beaches will do that for ya. And with this fresh perspective and reignited love of life, I've had time to ~reflect~ on last year and jot down some attainable resolutions for this coming year. Without getting too personal or sappy, let's just say there's a lot I have to be thankful for, a lot I have to re-evaluate, and a lot I have to look forward to. So, without further ado, I present to you a seemingly unrelated post highlighting the Julio Le Parc Exhibit at the Perez Art Museum. But here's the twist: the exhibit focuses on kinetic sculptures, spectatorial participation, and the refraction of light. So why not take Le Parc refraction as reflection of good things from the last 365 days to the next?

The Perez Art Museum, or PAMM, has become one of the spots I feel the most at home, while I'm at home. Built right off and on Biscayne Bay, it maintains an architectural confluence of outdoors and indoors that is both refreshing and familiar. The structure itself almost rivals the art within, and the swinging chairs overlooking the skyline provide the perfect spot for catching up with friends and putting topics learned in Art History classes to good use.

In the past couple weeks I've been in Miami, I've been to PAMM three times. Not only is that a testament, I think, to the magnetic pull of this place, but also a nod to how much their current exhibition enchants visitors. 

I present to you the magic of Julio Le Parc. In his first full exhibition in the states, this Argentinian born artist walks visitors through his mind: giving us glimpses into his exploration of color theory and how that ultimately manifests in large scale color plays and rooms filled with rainbows. 

After color, Le Parc tackles the capturing of movement. From his kinetic sculptures that respond to the volume of visitors in the room, to his rooms filled with distorting devices, Le Parc's exhibition title is apropos as he truly puts "Form into Action." 

With all of his plays on material, distortion, and refraction, I couldn't help but enjoy and question my own reflection in his pieces. I saw myself in silhouettes, I saw myself in funhouse-esque mirrors. I even signed a waiver to push an orange bouncy ball at my friend while navigating an uneven floor under a strobe light. And if that run on sentence wasn't enough, Le Parc had visitors exercise their mastery of opticality by donning glasses that obstruct your view - and look quite comical at the same time 

So, with a triple visit to PAMM (accompanied by Alexa, Cat, and Alana in that order), and Julio Le Parc's exhibit in particular, I hope to inspire you all to visit (if you just so happen to be in Miami) and even try to project yourself in these photos to feel the exhibit as I did.

And here are other shots from other artists, including some "light reeding" if you will. 

Happy New Year and thank you for continuing with me on my adventures this year!

Xx, Maia