Knaus Your Typical Winter


Today it's 50ish degrees in Miami and you better believe everyone is busting out their faux fur and north face jackets to brave "the cold". While I share a chuckle about the weather wardrobe with fellow Miamians turned northeast college students, I can't help but be thankful for our s'winters. You know, summer-winters? That's a thing, right? 

I mean for the holidays, when you think red and green don't you think of picking plump pinkish strawberries that dot the lush green aisles of Knaus Berry Farms? 

And I'm sure for winter white you think of linen and blouses and tank tops?

To celebrate New Year's you obviously crave the fresh salt water and open air out on a boat?

And of course your go to winter staple is a bathing suit?

When you think of it getting dark early, aren't you talking about the shade from the palm trees and tiki huts at noon?

Instead of snuggling by the warmth radiating from a fireplace you undoubtedly think of your heat source from toasty cinnamon rolls?

And for the "winter blues" your mind drifts to blue skies and bluer beaches, right?

No? Just me? Well I guess I have been spoiled by 80 degree winters and sun that lasts past 3pm. It'll be tough to let go of summer-all-year-round, but I can't deny the itch I have to pelt people with snowballs when I get back to Boston. So I'll sign off now and resume my perch on the beach - refusing to succumb to this cold front. 

Xx, Maia