Get (online &) elated!


Elated™, the brilliant brainchild of my impressive sister, went live this Saturday, October 21st, and here's why you should be as elated as I am:

First off, my sister is a phenomenal chef. Not only has she successfully made me excited about consuming foods that aren't beige, but she has also made eating healthily and proactively more accessible.

Pictured: Remember Me Salad & Crazy About Curry Soup.

With an undergraduate degree from Wellesley in Neuroscience + a masters from Columbia in Nutrition, she is well equipped to meld the two fields together in an accessible and consumer-friendly way. Simply put: 

Founded from the need to make mental-health maintenance part of a daily habit, elated™ brings brain-boosting, good-mood-making meals right to your door. Made using only all-natural ingredients, our food combines the power of nutrition and neuroscience to feed your brain while tantalizing your taste buds.

Secondly, she's delivering this science right to your door. Well, if you're in Miami at the moment. Operating as a "soft-launch" elated™ promises to supply freshly prepared meals right to you for lunch! How? Through the brand-spankin-new website of course! And, as Chief Technical Officer speaking, I must say the fluidity of the site makes eating well even easier!

Each dish incorporates ingredients identified to boost your mood in various ways like enhancing memory, improving motor function, and preventing Alzheimer's! While they're not claiming to have the capacity to cure you of any brain-based imbalance, elated™ does promise easy education about how to eat better in ways that target brain health. 

With everything from soups, salads, staples, & sweets, you can get a full and happy belly of all of these goodies!

Pictured: Salmon & Confetti Salad & Pretty in Pink Chia Pudding.

Right now, elated™ takes orders at 5pm the day before for noon-2pm delivery time the following day. Need more motivation to get these good-mood-making meals? Use special promo code MODxELATED for 10% off your first order!

And my Boston friends, don't fret. While you can't get these hot and ready meals just yet, you can order her seasonal truffles right to your dorm! I'm talking about her delicious Nuttyberry Truffles. Perfect for snacking, studying, and socializing! My first shipment is already en route. 

So check out the site, follow @get.elated on instagram, and put in your truffle orders today!

Xx, Maia