Kids at Heart: Halloween 2k17


As I get older, it seems as if Halloween gets longer - kind of. Though I don't plan my costume the day the calendar hits October 1st (like I looked forward to as a kid, cue a custom made Creepella von Cacklefur costume...), I have managed to celebrate the holiday on more days than one. 

(Creepella reference, courtesy of Google. Photos from my childhood, courtesy of my sister)

This year, I had four Halloweens. And with four Halloweens comes four costumes. And with four costumes comes a reckless trip to Michael's and hours of ingenuity the night of - though none of my costumes quite eclipsed this family's coordinated ensemble: 

The first night of Halloween saw the most coordinated ensemble: a group rendition of Alice in Wonderland where I proudly grinned ear to ear as the Chesire Cat (let me know if you've figured out how to pronounce that word because I'm in between che-shyre and she-shur):

The second day of Halloween, a handful of us ventured to Salem - because, why not? You have to say you did it. And we did it. From the cemetery walk to the candy apples, we were in the throngs of Halloweentown to celebrate the festivities. 

The second night of Halloween featured the most creative, ingenious ensemble, that promptly broke within 5 minutes of wearing it. I tried *and succeeded* to be Apple's Rainbow Wheel of Doom - you know, that horrific spinny thingy that happens when you're computer is about to crash? Terrifying, isn't it? Well, my spinner was spinnable, until someone spun it so hard it snapped... so I had to settle for being a "rainbow" the rest of the evening. 

The third night of Halloween, I was my true self: a hot potato. I really went all out with this one, stapling together a burlap garb with REAL french fries in my pockets. Who doesn't love a costume that's nourishing?! 

The fourth and final night of Halloween was the real thing. Think Trick-or-Treating, Haunted Houses, the whole 9 yards. If you're thinking I went back to Beacon Hill for round two, you thought right! And, in the spirit of nostalgia, my friends and I recreated some of our favorite shots from last year. 

Though we definitely got "you're not a kid" looks from parents on their apartment stoops, we snagged our piece *or five* of candy and had a Happy Halloween. 

Until next year!

Xx, Maia