Markets, Noms, & Kitties of Izzy


In my third and final post on Israel (phew, how much longer was this chick going to drag that on?? Yeah, I get it) I present to you all the eats, all the treats, and all the cats! There were actually so many cats. 

The first meal, aka first of many of this same meal, I had in Israel was an opulent plate of shawarma. And though I'm not a hummus-as-a-snack-of-choice kind of gal, I did develop a fondness for the taste, probably by virtue of how many times I ate it because it was convenient. 

While in Jerusalem, we ventured to the Mahane Yehuda market. It was a visual feast of bright spices, succulent fruits, and the sweetest candies/cookies! I hushed my slight claustrophobia in order to wiggle through the tight aisles in search for the perfect rugelach and yet another shawarma.  

At the first market in Tel Aviv, my eyes gravitated towards the eclectic architecture:

The second market in Tel Aviv seemed to feature more quirky finds and handmade treasures:

Don't be fooled, just because I didn't take a picture of my shawarma doesn't mean I didn't eat that for lunch at the market. 

And though most of my brain power was focused on not being trampled in the close corners of the market, it soon became evident that cats probably had that same thought as they scampered through the city. I have actually never seen so many stray cats that were willing to interact with people as much as I did in Israel. I mean I only wish the cat I have at home was this people-persony... 

All in all, food and felines aside, my experience in Israel was something I'll never forget (clearly because I have so much institutional memory on the excursion). But more so because of the feeling I carried out with me - one of happiness, warmth, adventure, and belonging. 

And with that, I say thank you Israel for keeping me safe and bringing me from one home to another. 

Xx, Maia