Housing Day: a Harvard Holiday


There are two major days in the school year when Harvard becomes Harvard State: the Harvard-Yale Football Game (and we all know how that turned out...) & Housing Day - the latter of which occurred just last week. 

Housing Day is the day we don face paint, construct NSFW signs, throw quippy inter-house chants at one another, and physically storm into freshman dorms to announce where they'll be living for the next three years. If this all sounds crazy to you, you're not wrong. I woke up at 7:00am to draw some whiskers (reppin the Winthrop Lion) and get so hype I wouldn't feel the cold. 

In the days leading up to this one, all the 12 houses produce a Housing Day video in which they attempt to entice the freshmen into willing the laws of the universe to provide them their dream house. I must say, Winthrop's video was stellar - and not just because I helped to film it... 

Anyway, at 7:45am, Winthropians sprinted to the Yard and claimed stake near University Hall - fending off Currier's, "Where is Winthrop?" chant with, "Not in the Quad!" Disclaimer: all of the houses are actually amazing, they truly do become your home, and all the teasing/tomfoolery on Housing Day is all in good fun <3

At 8:30am, Dean Khurana (and friends) provide the House reps with envelopes of the freshman who got 'Thropped (in our case). Following that hand off, flocks of upperclassmen bombard freshman entryways for the most exciting reveal and abundance of hugs with strangers. Forgive this blurry photo, but low quality pic, high quality happiness am I right?? 

All in all, Housing Day is one of our opportunities to truly showcase community pride and ~school spirit~. I will also fully admit that I proceeded to deliver a 100+ person information session at the Admissions Office to prospective students and their families while wearing my lion ears and tail... 

And with that, happy Housing Day! May the River Gods be ever in your favor. 

Xx, Maia 

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