Loose Ends & The Start of Junior Year


Today, on this particular Monday, it's Labor Day and I'm being told I can no longer wear white - which, as a Miamian who prides herself on her bursting collection of whites and linens, this is a stressful day in fashion. It is also the first warm day in a week, chill-fully reminding me that summer is officially over and the start of a new school year has begun. 

There are a few things I always look forward to at the start of the semester: bumping into the friends you "HAGS'd" last school year, spending all of your freshly earned summer cash on even fresher school supplies, and, best of all, feeling that re-ignited electricity that comes from the buzz of activity on campus. Given that I, personally, have a make-up exam to take from an incomplete course in the spring, my re-ignited electricity is already waning - rather, it's being stifled by the harsh reality of days already spent festering in the library as opposed to tailgating in the middle of the day with friends. 

As I sit here in Tatte (yes, school's back in session and my routine trips for overpriced lattes and great lighting commences) on a brief study break from eigenvalues and matrices, I'm thinking about what I'm most excited for in the coming months. But, in order to look forward to the big events soon to come, I find it helpful to look back (at it, haha...) at all the smaller, little tidbits of life that have dotted my past few months.

I'm thinking of all the loose ends left on my camera roll, the ones reminding me of spontaneous day trips or silly happenings that made me smile. This digital exercise of flipping through the countless photos I embarrassingly hoard on my phone is kind of similar to the more analog activity I did to chronicle joyful moments all summer: my Happy Jar. Inspired by one of those "things 2 make ur significant other if u r in a cheezy relationship" articles, I found that I could adjust one of the sentiments to my happily single lifestyle. 

I bought myself a mason jar, and used it to keep note of things that made me smile: rekindling with friends, a sweet message someone sent me, or whatever! Each happy thought became immortalized on a little scroll of paper and lived inside this clear capsule. Now, at the official end of the summer, I get to look back at all the little things that, when summed up together, comprise a grander theme of cheerful little moments of the past, and similar ones to come. 

Aside from being done with this exam on the 12th, here are some other things I am really looking forward to in year 3, aka an excuse to give purpose the hodge-podge of leftover photos I have sitting in my camera roll:

Being surrounded by people as quirky and down-to-costume as I am:


The change of seasons (though summer flowers will definitely be missed):


Sitting in coffee shops and feeling inspiration dance along the wafts of burnt toast:


Frolicking in Art Museums to witness works from the classroom in person - or, alternatively, make weird faces among the art:


Spending afternoons looking up at the sky and being surprised attacked by puppies:

Going through all these happy photos and happy moments, I am reminded that sometimes little loose ends are enough to tie up bigger chapters in life - ones that don't always have to be the happiest, but are dotted with moments to smile about :)

Xx, Maia