A Drive Down Pacific Coast Highway


At the end of the year, time seems to stand still. There's a lull in the vibrancy of any city as street traffic clears up and people opt to stay in with families and catch up, craft New Years resolutions, the whole shebang. The days between the holidays and the 1st feel especially slow, as if we're all moving through the thick goo that keeps a snow globe scene held together - though in Miami, glitter would probably replace flecks of snow when you shake it. 

For this hushed winter, a time of re-adjustment and reflection over the monumental shifts of this year for my family in particular, we chose to uproot ourselves from the quiet 'burbs of Miami and fly across the country to re-connect with another side of our family. That trip sure helped pass the time, speed up the string of days that can often feel wasted, and celebrate the end of 2017 as we welcome 2018. 

For five days, my family clan drove up and down Pacific Coast Highway and saw about all there is to see of California in that short time. 

From a start in Sacramento to link up with the rest of our family unit, we drove to San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Monterey, and all the way back up - and here's a little taste of that four wheeled adventure:

Given that we linked up with some major surfers in the family, a big focus of the trip was seeing our cousins in their element, and catching a beautiful sunset to boot!

(I call this one, 'Sun Sets on Mushroom Broccoli Girl.')

(I call this one, 'Sun Sets on Mushroom Broccoli Girl.')

(Look at the crescendo from deep purple to striking sunlight!)

(Look at the crescendo from deep purple to striking sunlight!)

For the more touristy travels like perusing Monterey, my sister and I enjoyed classic shenanigans with our father, Mo: The Most Interesting Man in The World. 

Since Miami is flat and swampy, Mo insisted on showing us the redwood trees to prove to us that plants do grow taller than palm trees - sadly, we weren't particularly dressed for the occasion. 

And because we chose to drive up and down the state to sight see, we stumbled upon some pretty phenomenal outlooks at delightful times of day. Hey, Apple, if you'd like to include some of these shots in your next desktop-image-starter-pack, just shoot me an email ;)

All in all, a drive down pacific coast highway provided my family with the most lovely and serenely scenic way to watch the sun set on 2017.

Xx, Maia