A HUJI Housing Day


Oh Mod & Bean, it’s been a minute. This past month has been all thesis all the time - but that’s a story for another day. In an attempt to get content back on a timely track, here’s a remote recap of last Thursday’s Housing Day (pre-posted as I’ll be in Italy while you read this - again, stories for another day).

As always, the Thursday before spring break marks one of the favored “Harvard Holidays.” A day full of tears: mostly joyful, many dread-induced-by-The-Quad. As a hot ticket river house, presenting the freshman with their official welcome letter is always a pleasant experience. Despite us jokingly chanting Quad house names before we reveal ourselves…

Given that it has entered countdown mode for senior spring, I’m very intent on saying yes and buying into quirky things with full force. Cue the 7am wake up and mimosa fueled enthusiasm in 40 degree weather.

This year, already feeling nostalgic for college traditions that haven’t even ended yet, I decided to document the day in the most retro way: HUJI film, the digital answer to disposable cameras. And yes, I know I’m very late to the HUJI game. But without further ado, here are some Housing Day highlights, featuring clever posters no matter how lackluster the house ;)

Oh, and here’s one freshman girl’s ingenious usage of her overflowing CVS receipts.

Goodbye housing days, your deafening enthusiasm will be missed.

Xx, Maia